Parenthesis Academy

Whilst online learning has grown exponentially, global drop out rates for online students remains high at an average of 70%. So how do we create a branded learning experience that ensures success?



Kydon Holdings provides a unique suite of technology-enhanced learning solutions for educational institutions. However, it also wanted to create its own online academy to provide TAFF certificate and diploma programmes targeting working adults and those seeking to upgrade their skills.

Developing a learning experience which would motivate online students to complete the courses and programmes, was going to be key to success.


Activiste placed the idea of a "networked and connected learner" at the heart of the brand – so that students would be connected to peers within their cohort, as well as lecturers and academy support teams.

Working with Kydon’s technical, academic and management teams, we created Parenthesis Academy, which allows "learners on the go" to access course materials and interact with their cohort peers and academics.

Activiste helped them create an online environment that brings learning and connectedness together in a way that extends beyond just academics.

Parenthesis Academy celebrates life’s in-between moments, connecting you to new ways of learning and new people to learn with. Whether learners are in transit, between meetings or between phases of life (transitioning from Junior College to University, etc), Parenthesis Academy creates opportunities to learn from each other, to engage with course material and to interact with lecturers and subject matter experts all whilst on the go.



Parenthesis Academy brings together internationally recognised qualification courses and a unique support system of networked learners, educators and industry practitioners. Its diploma and certificate courses provide transfer credits to internationally recognised universities.

The brand was launched in July 2015 and now offers its diploma and certificate courses to students in Singapore and beyond!

“Kydon is very pleased with the service received from Activiste in the period between 2014-2015 for the brand consultation and design for our new venture – Parenthesis Academy. 

In this work, Kim and her team were able to assist Kydon clarify the business value proposition and therefore derive the brand value.  Throughout the journey, the team conducted themselves with utmost professionalism and competency.  We were very excited with the various options when presented by Activiste, and they were able to help us refine our brand and product throughout the journey.  On a whole, Activiste did not just do a project for us, but walked through a meaningful journey with us.


David Yeo
CEO, Kydon Holdings Pte. Ltd.