National University of Singapore

Having worked with the senior management team at NUS to develop the institutional brand strategy, the next challenge was to embed the brand vision and values in corporate culture.



NUS is a large institution with 14 faculties and schools and an equal number of supporting departments, many of which have their own growth agendas and some, with their own corporate brands. For an overarching strategy to come to life, the university needed a champion with a mandate to drive this brand internalisation effort from within. Unfortunately a long-held leadership position in terms of public perception has done little to galvanise internal change.


In mid-2010, an internal champion from within their Office of Human Resources began to emerge. Working with this supportive client, Activiste developed a half-day workshop module designed to give individual staff members a better understanding of the NUS brand in accessible layman terms. Helping staff and faculty to understand what NUS as an institution stands for; and to make the link between their own personal values and organisational brand values. The workshops ended with a facilitated breakout group exercise in which participants were guided through some brand action planning templates. In January 2011, Activiste developed customised modules of this workshop for whole departments to address specific department issues and values, and work towards a relevant shared solution. By the end of March 2011, five departments/faculties had undergone this brand immersion module; and have all the tools they need to ‘live the brand’ in their own corner of the NUS world. Activiste continues to extend the reach of this programme to more departments in the months ahead, and is already preparing to evolve it for 2012.

"Living the NUS Brand" - What Participants Said: 

"I have now gained a better understanding about the NUS brand, as well how important it is to be informed about what the brand means and how to live it in my daily professional life."

"The workshops not only helped me understand what the NUS brand is about, but also helped me see how I contribute to building reputation for the university."

"It was an informative and interactive session, and many interesting insights were shared."

"Gained awareness of how powerful branding can be in creating an impact to the success of an organisation."

"Useful workshop which raised my awareness of the NUS brand and how it relates to us. The activities were interesting, fun and relevant."

"Understand the NUS brand better and how I can play a bigger role."