A new group of companies banded under Novena Global Healthcare Group was seeking to position itself as a credible player within the Anti-Ageing and Wellness space across Asia. The group has significant medical-related and wellness assets ranging from health screening, lifestyle improvement, maternity support, aesthetics and wellness services and products.  As part of its growth aspirations, the group is targeting the lower-middle class segments in each market. 

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A coherent brand and investment narrative was needed to demonstrate the synergies of the companies within the group, as well as explain the investment proposition within the “anti-aging” health sector.


The group needed to to position itself carefully within a fragmented but fast growing  landscape, even as it competes with larger private healthcare groups. Three trends informed our strategy:  

  1. The convergence of health care offered opportunities for growth.
  2. Innovation in new delivery systems for products and services, as well as new customer interactions and ways of engaging with them.
  3. The shift from disease management and mass generalisation  

Activiste identified an opportunity for a new lifecare group which would span wellness and health sectors in predictive, preventative and rejuvenative care. The group brand was thus renamed Novena Global Lifecare and a new group identity was developed to sit above the consumer brands in its portfolio.


The Novena Global Lifecare Group plans to list on the Taiwan Stock Exchange as part of its plan to expand regionally, 

It will raise US$150 million in an initial public offering (IPO), and use the funds to grow organically and through acquisitions - making it the fourth Singapore-based healthcare-related firm in 2017 listing outside the island republic.


"Novena Global Lifecare is a strategic group with businesses in consumer health and wellness, as well as beauty and aesthetics spanning markets across Asia, the US and the UK."

"Focused around our three pillars of Predictive, Preventative, and Rejuvenative care, we develop fresh and innovative clinical, as well as retail services and products,
for consumers across different life stages."

"Our companies are involved in manufacturing; research and product development; retail services and consumer products , as well as newer initiatives in residential care."

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Following Novena Global Lifecare’s recent announcement of the intended IPO in Taiwan, Mr Terence Loh, CEO of Novena Global Lifecare sat down with the Chairman of Heliconia Capital (H.Q. of Korea Hyundai), Mr Gay Chee Cheong. In the panel discussion they were speaking on the importance and need for continued efforts in all areas of the Healthcare Sector. Both gentlemen provided with much to consider through their thorough exchange of thoughts concerning Health related issues and solutions that they can both provide during the informative and engaging exchange!

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