Brand recognition and distribution are paramount for success in the crowded and fragmented retail banking sector in Indonesia. To win a sizable share of the consumer banking market, Bank BTPN needed to differentiate its retail banking business, and create a reason for consumers to select the brand.



Whilst most of BTPN customers are in the mass market, it also had a small but significant retail funding business for high net-worth and affluent consumers and large corporations. The challenge was how to grow the business in an extremely competitive and crowded marketplace, where hundreds of bank brands vie for limited consumer accounts.


In contrast to its lower mass market business units, this unit targeted the affluent middle-class consumer. Activiste not only developed a unique positioning for the retail arm of Bank BTPN, but also developed a new brand name and identity to differentiate it within the group.

“Sinaya” is derived from the abbreviation of SINAR and memberDAYAkan or the empowering light.

BTPN Sinaya offers affluent customers an opportunity to create opportunities for lower-income groups, as well micro & small enterprises to develop and grow in significance. Sinaya customers become “stakeholders” by investing time and resource in the group’s mission of empowering millions of Indonesians across the nation, through its Daya enablement platform. A unique Sahabat Daya volunteer program encourages enterprise knowledge sharing, and volunteerism amongst its wealthiest customers.


A revolutionary concept in retail banking,  BTPN Sinaya customers draw great satisfaction in knowing that their savings are not just growing in value, but are also facilitating the development and empowerment of millions of people in Indonesia.

Dr. Siska Gerfianti, MH.Kes, a BTPN Sinaya customer actively participates in the Sahabat Daya Program by providing training says, “I felt that placing my funds in BTPN Sinaya was the right thing to do, because of the opportunities it provides to participate in the process of developing the Indonesian economy. With BTPN Sinaya, I also feel I have a chance to empower the public through the Sahabat Daya Program, by imparting my knowledge and information about health issues to its pension customers.”

"When BTPN needed a Branding Consultant, Activiste was the ONLY choice in my mind given my past experience with Kim and her team. Once again, Activiste has demonstrated its ability to quickly grasp the essence of our vision and through the combination of 'out of the box and pragmatic thinking‘; creatively crafting an extremely original brand which captures the soul of what BTPN stands for."


Jerry Ng
President Director, Bank BTPN