One of the best ways of promoting a brand is through creating a live experience for stakeholders and customers, devising an innovative method of engaging them. 



Bringing strategy to life is not an easy task. So often it is dictated by an advertising campaign, when it should be built around the Brand Intent as an organising principle.

Whether it is the launch of a new brand or the relaunch of an established brand, creating an experience which demonstrates what the brand stands for and its "reason for being" generates enthusiasm and emotional connections with the brand


Activiste has conceptualised launch and outreach events for clients which are true to the brand and aligned with strategy.

After all, science has proven that humans tend to remember experiences which involve the use of more than one of the five senses!

The launch of Daya, the enablement platform for Bank BTPN's lower mass customers, had these customers showcase their small businesses and speak to how they have been empowered by the bank to grow their micro-enterprises sustainably. Attended by the governor of Bank Indonesia and key corporate clients, BTPN was able to demonstrate how it's business model impacts the local enterprise economy.

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Creating a signature event to re-position the SMC brand.

More than 200 business leaders and mediators attended the inaugural event on 25 September 2014, and gained insights to using mediation as a strategic conflict management tool. Unfolding Conversations continues to be held each year to reach corporates and enterprises.

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