“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

William Shakespeare



Brand names can make a big difference to a business. It is the difference between what is distinctive and memorable, and what is generic and forgettable.

Many organisations gravitate towards descriptive, generic names which describe the service or product, or its functionality.

Or they think of it like naming a child, subject to personal preferences, rather than a strategic exercise that involves securing trademark registrations and the appropriate URLs. 


Activiste believes that good brand names are a signal of strategy. They are memorable, evocative, able to travel across multiple markets, and most importantly, registrable as trademarks.

Naming for a regional enterprise solutions brand of walkie talkies and scanners.


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When the Herathera Resort in Maldives was taken over by Crescendas, a new brand name was needed to re-position the resort. With the renovation and overhaul of the resort, the Canareef brand was born.

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New brand for the entrepreneurship platform of the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). 

Platform E is the eco-system brand for this new initiative which is making waves.

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The decision to create a single platform which houses all of Bank BTPN's enablement programmes for different customer segments led to the creation of Daya, which means "source of energy" in one of the Indonesian dialects.

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