Brand Architecture should be more than just ‘tidying the house’ and forcing compliance, but building a greater understanding of organisational strengths and creating clarity in the relationships of the company and its component parts.



The challenge in developing a brand architecture is finding a solution which:

  1. Reflects the overall strategic direction of the organization
  2. Guides future decisions on brand development and nomenclature
  3. Clarifies the relationships between the main brand and its sub-brands 
  4. Helps foster a unified organisational culture 


At Activiste, we have seen how Brand Architecture linked to visioning and positioning, can unlock value in an organisation.

Coupled with a decision-making framework for the brand architecture, it becomes a corporate management tool which enables companies to grow and expand, without diluting brand equity.

Helping GLH to group and differentiate its portfolio of hotel brands targeting different segments

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The new Metropolitan corporate identity served as an opportunity to rationalize the various programme brands to support its "youth-oriented" cause. 

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