How can anyone buy-into a Vision Statement that has been distilled to the point of being so generic that it serves no purpose other than to ‘W.O.W.’ (literally, Words on Walls) the office? Here are some:

“Leading the way in...”

“To be the best and most respected company in...”

We think there is a better way and here’s why:



The challenge in envisioning a different future is identifying the unique opportunity for your brand that will lead to a different and more purposeful future.

The brand opportunity should not only act as an ‘organising principle’ for change; but also galvanises people to act and respond in a manner that is truly transformational.


An Activiste Brand Opportunity Workshop could be helpful in setting corporate strategy. Facilitated by creative strategists, it gathers the people who have the imagination and capability to move the organisation forward, to take a good hard look at where the organisation is heading and whether it should be heading in a different direction.

The lens in selecting people for a transformational workshop is to identify those who are busiest, and with the strongest opinions. 

Three ways Steve Jobs made meetings ultra-productive:

  1. Only necessary people should be in meeting

  2. Each attendee should be responsible and accountable for a role/task

  3. Attendees should know the content inside out to debate freely and passionately (not behind PowerPoint slides)

Whilst getting their time may be tough, chances are, they are the activists within the organisation who will make change happen.

Activiste has seen many companies transform themselves and the market by not only envisioning a different future, but identifying the unique opportunity for their brands to become that voice of change.

Image taken from the Spectra Secondary School Envisioning Workshop. Learn more about our work with Spectra.

Visioning doesn’t just have to be about words... Visualisation can be a powerful tool to stimulate conversations.

It’s the activists within an organisation who will make change happen

Image taken from the National Museum Singapore Envisioning Workshop. Learn more about our work with NMS.

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