Unlocking value in today’s disrupted markets requires market insights that look FORWARD rather than audit PAST performance. 



The Brand Audit, once a comprehensive market research study of where your brand stands today, is starting to look somewhat inadequate. With so many brands entering the market each day, and upstarts which challenge market norms and change category dynamics, we need a different type of market research tool.


An Activiste Brand Opportunity Scan combines both traditional ‘investigative’ tools, with a Brand Opportunity Workshop to identify positioning opportunities, and breakthrough product features and ideas. These are then combined with Acorn’s Forward Positioning Research which allows for a robust, quantitative assessment to map these features and ideas against your brand and competitors in the market.


This approach has been deployed for global projects such as AMBA Hotels, as well as local projects such as the Singapore Institute of Management's newly established entrepreneurship platform.


When GLH was trying to unlock the value of its multiple hotels in the UK, it started by identifying those within the Thistle branded portfolio in London, which could be re-positioned as an alternative business hotel brand.

A global brand opportunity scan using Acorn’s Forward Positioning Research, paved the way for the creating of a chain of AMBA Hotels, in London and overseas, which would meet the needs of business travellers wanting more out of their stay.
Amba Hotel Charing Cross London has been awarded the highly coveted Good Hotel Award in 2016 and 2017. 

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Danamon was a "faceless" Indonesian bank which used the Activiste Brand Opportunity Scan and Acorn's Forward Positioning Research to uncover insights on how it could grow in a saturated market. 

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