The Ability to Effect and Manage Change Without Ever Losing Sight of Purpose

Our Heart

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We are activists for good by profession, and artistes or creative performers by design. Our name, ACTIVISTE, epitomises our goal to influence business and organisational change in a strategic, creative and inspiring way.

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The Power
Of Activism

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We believe that activism can be a powerful transformation strategy for brands who want to make a difference. It can inspire better differentiation, stronger relevance, and an opportunity to do better business in and for communities.

Activism is also about galvanising organisations. By focusing on meaningful change, we inspire businesses to be their best selves, through culture, purpose and performance.

As business partners, we inspire and equip our clients to create significant impact for their stakeholders and the wider community.

We apply an immersive design thinking process called START to help our partner brands transform and evolve. Our unique Brand Opportunity model identifies a compelling and differentiated positioning for each brand, ensuring its relevance to both their stakeholders and the community.

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Amplifying impact for the community through strategic thinking, impactful design, and inspiring activation.

Non-profit brands needing to amplify their cause and strengthen their position enjoy low-bono rates, with all the resources of a committed and experienced brand team.

Meet Activiste

People for change – a team committed to positive impact and making a tangible difference to the organisations and communities we work with. Our multi-disciplinary team includes market researchers, strategists, designers, content creators and digital specialists.

We bring a diverse mix of experience and backgrounds together, driven by the simple belief that we can make things better.