At Activiste, we believe in the power of activism.

We are activists for good by profession, and artistes or creative performers, by design. Our name, ACTIVISTE, epitomizes our goal to influence business and organisational change in a strategic, creative and inspiring way.


We believe that activism can be a powerful transformation strategy for brands who want to make a difference. It can inspire better differentiation, stronger relevance, and an opportunity to do better business in and for communities.

Activism is also about galvanising organisations. By focusing on meaningful change,  we inspire businesses to be their best selves, through culture, purpose and performance.

As business partners, we inspire and equip our clients to create significant impact for their stakeholders and the wider community.

We apply an immersive and unique design thinking process called START to help brands transform and evolve. Aside from our commercial work, Activiste works with VWO’s and social enterprises on a low-bono basis to enhance their “multiplier effect” through sharper strategy, design and ultimately, better business.



Activiste is a founding member of the BrandClan, a global partnership that offers clients around the world brand counsel combining uncommon local insight with discerning global oversight. The BrandClan brings high-level strategic insight from the UK, US and Asia, to analyse and translate business plans, cultures and opportunities into strategies and identities that align the business, its employees, network and investors to transform brands, and the way people experience and engage with them.


Acorn is the largest true Asian research network, with full-service research operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Korea and Indonesia. Acorn's growth over more than 25 years has been attributed to their commitment to thinking together with clients, providing insights and breaking away data collection. It is for this reason that they have earned themselves the reputation for quality, insightful, actionable research for marketing decisions.


Xpointo is an interactive media company incorporated in Singapore since 2008. Xpointo is part digital agency, where they collaborate with clients on exciting digital campaigns integrating social media, search, mobile and more; and part digital labs, where they build new media applications to solve digital marketing challenges. In short, Xpointo is in the business of helping brands realize the marketing potential of digital channels.