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Unlocking Opportunities for Growth


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Rapid growth when it moved to new and larger premises in 2015, called for a strategic brand review and visioning for the next 10 years.

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CHALLENGE: Fragmentation amidst growth

Twelve years after it was established, the culinary academy needed to review and consolidate its brand architecture and business strategy for the next lap.

Over the years, multiple programme and service brands proliferated amidst rapid growth, and its brand equity and value came under pressure.


SOLUTION: Consolidate, Re-create and Elevate

Activiste journeyed with the client in 2015-2016, painstakingly examining each sub-brand and business line, to collaboratively with the client develop a brand architecture which would offer two complementary business lines.

Key to this was to establish all the different pathways offered through its professional programmes as well as to strengthen its non-diploma certificate programmes for both professionals and leisure cooks.

This resulted in a comprehensive project spanning Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Brand Visual Communications System, Website Revamp and Brand Manual. 

IMPACT: Unlocking Opportunities to create new revenue streams

Today, at-sunrice is one of the premier, global culinary academies in the world. Over the years, it has seen growth not only in its professional diploma courses, but also specialised courses for home-based chefs, and its private chef courses have seen more than 1,500 graduating since it started in 2017.

Additionally it has established overseas partnerships with other culinary institutes to develop academic exchanges and co-operation in teaching and research in culinary arts.

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Atsunrice workshop

Part of the strategic rebranding exercise was a Visioning Workshop designed and facilitated by Activiste to envision how the business would transform over the next 10 years, and  how the brand would have to stretch itself to grow.

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I believe it was really a very meaningful session for all... On behalf of At-Sunrice, let me thank you for a first-class job. After 20 years, you continue to be as refreshing and fun to work with...

Dr. Kwan Lui
Founder, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

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