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Increasing Significance


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In 2010, Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional or Bank BTPN, had successfully re-engineered itself from a small pension banking business into the best mass market bank in Indonesia serving micro-financing customers, pensioners, poor rural communities, as well as the affluent consumer market.
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CHALLENGE: The Need for an Organising Principle

Given their wide range of services, the disparate lines of business were becoming increasingly entrenched in their own segments; pulling further apart from each other and creating fragmentation in the corporate brand.

SOLUTION: A Vision for Change

Through our work with them, Activiste brought a critical view of what was being branded and discipline to the process of thinking about how the larger business was growing. The new brand architecture enabled the business and organization to build reputation credibly and coherently, whilst continually evolving.
It also allowed the new products and segments to be fitted into a clear decision-making framework which made sense to customers, as well as the business community and investors. All these were linked by a single unifying enablement platform – aptly named DAYA which means “source of energy”.

IMPACT: Do Good, Do Well

Daya enabled Bank BTPN to forge partnerships with private and public enterprise groups to improve the welfare of ordinary Indonesians. The Daya program therefore is a social mission inextricably linked to BTPN business operations and exemplifies its “Do good, do well” mantra.

Together with the new brand architecture and visual system, this brought coherence and greater confidence for the group as it managed unprecedented growth in from 2010. In 2014, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation acquired a 40% stake in the bank for US$1.5 billion.

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DAYA – We sought to turn the ambitions and aspirations of the bank into an organising principle that would improve the significance of all Indonesians.

By integrating the diverse segment programmes under a single unified platform brand, we created an inspirational brand that to empower customers in terms of their health and economic well-being.

Daya which means “source of energy” would cut across all business lines and customer segments.

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“When BTPN needed a Branding Consultant, Activiste was the ONLY choice in my mind given my past experience with Kim and her team.”

Jerry Ng, President Director, Bank BTPN

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