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Care Corner

A New Milestone for Care Corner

As it prepared to celebrate its 40th Anniversary in Singapore, Care Corner recognised a need to reflect on how it could better position its expanded services and reach — even as it sought to engage with a younger, more multiracial community.

Care corner 01

CHALLENGE: Integrating Across Segments and Services

As the organisation expanded organically, the proliferation of service/ programme brands and its previous identity made it less relatable to the younger, more multi-racial segments it now serves.

SOLUTION: A Continuum of Care

A new brand identity and visual system which unified various programmes and initiatives towards the main brand was needed. After gaining insights from senior leadership and key stakeholders, Activiste identified a brand opportunity and value proposition for Care Corner that reinforced how it was moving forward. “A continuum of care woven into the fabric of society” became the unifying idea that embraced both its past and future, formed the basis of the new identity and brand architecture system.

IMPACT: Leading the Charge

Care Corner’s updated brand system received an overwhelming response when it was launched internally during their recent company town hall event. The new brand identity was also showcased during their ‘Forging new Pathways’ 40th Anniversary Conference, where it was celebrated internally even as it was made public.

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This became particularly important in its shift towards integrating services and resources across our different target segments – from children and youth at risk, to challenged families, to the elderly and impoverished.

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