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NHG Cares

Your Health, Your Way, is now in Your Hands


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The “NHG Cares” is an initiative by the National Healthcare Group to care for the residents in Central and North Singapore.

NHG Cares cover photo

CHALLENGE: Paradigm Shift in National Healthcare

With the launch of the Healthier SG strategy by the Ministry of Health,  the National Healthcare Group (NHG) in Singapore was looking to create a brand for its population health outreach and initiatives to care for the population residing in Central and North Singapore.

As the Regional Health System for Central-North Singapore, with 12 hospitals, specialist centres under different brands, seven polyclinics and over 22,000 staff, NHG needed a consolidated and integrated branded communications campaign to encompass the new and existing population health programmes and services it offers.

The new brand would also need to serve as the group’s unifying platform message in their population health initiatives.

SOLUTION: Beyond Curing Disease to Managing Health

Developing a branded community health ecosystem to encompass community partners, grassroots organisations and private sector GPs was no mean feat.

Through an in-depth stakeholder study and a consultative brand process, Activiste developed a robust brand strategy, developed and evaluated various naming options, visual identities and campaign thematic ideas, all of which had to encompass the new mobile app by NHG as well as the new services and strategic units delivering on the new national Healthier SG strategy.

In developing the final campaign and brand, Activiste was able to manage different constituent stakeholder interests to converge on the naming of NHG’s community health brand, as well as the value proposition, narrative framework and overarching communications strategy for this.

IMPACT: A Coherent, Unifying Eco-System for Better Health

The ‘NHG Cares: It’s in Your Hands’ campaign launched in 2023, has started to gain traction as a unifying platform for NHG’s healthcare entities, community partners and residents with user-friendly tools and useful information and programmes.

Beyond raising awareness of the various population health services and offerings, it ties all the different NHG brands together and enables residents to see how this health ecosystem can empower them to take control of the decisions influencing their health outcomes.


NHG Cares is a unifying platform for population health outreach by the various NHG institutions such as Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, the Institute of Mental Health and the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics among others, as well as a social compact with community partners and residents.

It supports the principle that better living stems from better health and that this platform puts the tools and services in the hands of residents in Central and North Singapore.

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"We found a true partner in Activiste. They came on board the project with so much passion and enthusiasm. We certainly valued their experience in developing and co-creating results-oriented campaigns. Activiste was responsive to our needs in creating our branding and communication strategy. We were very happy that Activiste was our partner in this."

Maria Abraham
Director, Accountable Care Strategy, National Healthcare Group.

NHG Cares

Brand Stewardship Workshop

A series of three brand stewardship workshops designed and facilitated by Activiste, was held for different staff teams across the various hospitals, clinics, specialist centres and departments within NHG. 

This enabled staff teams to better understand the strategic thrust of the campaign, as well as manage the roll-out more coherently across the group.

NHG cares workshop
NHG Cares socials

Social Media Content

In supporting the initial launch of the NHG Cares: It’s In Your Hands campaign, Activiste planned and developed a 3-month social media campaign. The social media posts aimed to raise awareness of NHG Cares for residents living in Central and North Singapore, and highlighted key touchpoints and channels that residents could leverage to take control of their health.

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