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Where Brand Architecture strategy expanded and brought clarity to the Sin Kim Heng business — an established architectural timber specialist in Singapore and Malaysia.


CHALLENGE: Enhancing Competitiveness

Having been in the market for over 30 years and operating in an increasingly competitive climate with rising operational costs, Sin Kim Heng needed to further differentiate itself from other architectural timber installers.

Its business targeted two very different customer segments and needed to enhance competitiveness in its solutions business, whilst growing its retail supply arm.


SOLUTION: Better Segment Targeting

We re-branded the Sin Kim Heng solutions business Perswood to more clearly target key specifiers in property development such as architectural firms.

Activiste developed a clear brand positioning for Perswood that combined deep product knowledge and installation know-how to turn ideas into reality.

Reflecting this was a refreshed Perswood’s product brand architecture, identity and visual system to enhance marketing and sales.


IMPACT: Renewing Customer Relationships

Perswood was repositioned as the solutions brand offering timber expertise and craftsmanship.

Today, it collaborates with the best architects and interior designers to bring ideas and innovations into some of the most beautifully designed spaces. One of which was the restoration and redevelopment of the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall in Singapore — where Perswood supplied and installed new timber as well as preserved old timber without compromising the acoustic quality of the space.



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“One of the best decisions we made was appointing Activiste as our brand consultant.  

The experience was more than what we had expected.

Activiste went the extra mile to ensure that we met deadlines, following up very closely.

The advertisement copying writing, layout and creative that Activiste did for us were also outstanding and very well written.“

Tan Lih Tuan
General Manager & Director 


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