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Re:Sound Collective

Orchestrating a New Brand in Classical Music


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We were approached in early 2016 to help envision and brand Singapore’s first professional chamber orchestra – One that would increase the repertoire of classical music performances, and attract new audiences to this genre.

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CHALLENGE: Challenging the Classical Orchestra

Activiste was tasked with branding an orchestra that would challenge classical music orchestra stereotypes; work at the highest levels of artistic integrity and yet be completely flexible as the music required. Strategically and creatively, we wanted to demonstrate that an orchestra is a flexible idea, and not a standardised group of instruments and musicians.

SOLUTION: Creating A New Brand in Classical Music

A Brand Opportunity Workshop which gathered key stakeholders, musicians and those with a passion for the Asian music scene, helped identify the desired positioning and explore the implications of the strategy in terms of programming, outreach and culture. A brand architecture, naming and identity design were developed subsequently to reflect the desired positioning and set the tone for inducting musicians.

Activiste proposed a brand architecture which named the group separately from the orchestra for different performances. The group would be called the “Resound Collective”; whilst the orchestra for different performances would have the flexibility to be named as the re:Sound Chamber Orchestra, re:Sound Baroque Orchestra; or re:Sound Quartet, as appropriate.

IMPACT: An Exciting Musical Journey

The inaugural concert took place on 31 August 2016 at the Victoria Concert Hall in Singapore, marking the beginning of an exciting new journey, that promises to “ring with excitement, and make the music come alive!”

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“Love the name. Love the logo. Love the dream coming true!”

Margaret Leng Tan
2015 Cultural Medallion Winner
Avant-garde Keyboard Artist (USA)


“It is truly wonderful that more local musicians will get to experience and treasure the precious gift of music-making, and the friendships that come with it.”

Siow Lee Chin
Violinist (USA)

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“re:Sound’s presence in Singapore is welcome indeed and fills a niche with its imaginative and informed programming, that will enrich, invigorate and inspire music lovers.”

Toh Chee Hung
Pianist (UK)

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