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Sampoerna Academy & Sampoerna University

Sampoerna Presents a Revolutionary integrated school system for Indonesia.


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Whilst the Putera Sampoerna Foundation had established a good reputation in the sphere of education, it was focused primarily in serving assisted students. In seeking to scale up on impact, and make it sustainable in the long term, a different approach and business model was required.

Act homepage SSS Hero

CHALLENGE: Developing a Robust Private Education System

In order to extend the reach of its education offering, the organisation embarked on two ambitious initiatives:

The first was to move the initiative out of the foundation and create a scalable, financially sustainable model that could accept a wider number of both under-privileged students and fee-paying students from the emerging middle class.

An inspiring educational brand that would help parents and students recognise its unique value proposition was created, as it transitioned from a sponsored, to fee-paying model for financial sustainability.

The second was to expand the scholastic offering into a complete eco-system, spanning pre-school through to university. This would ensure that students are equipped to make the transition from one level of education to the next – improving student retention and ensuring they had the best possible chance of success.

SOLUTION: The Power of an Integrated System

Activiste collaborated with the client in conceptualizing and branding a new education system which would offer an integrated pathway from pre-school to a university degree in Indonesia, as well as access to over 1,000 US universities.

Taking a holistic view on the expected growth of the education system as well as, feedback and research on parent, partner and donor views, Activiste helped the organisation transition the schools out of the foundation – crafting a positive and unifying intent for the entire school system. The overarching idea was that our school system would help ignite the spark of potential for young and talented Indonesians at every level of education.

We worked with their senior management, faculty and the communications teams to ensure the positioning was well understood at launch; and for subsequent student recruitment outreach.

IMPACT: Greater Access to a Global Education

Sampoerna Schools System and its multiple school brands (from Sampoerna Academy through to Sampoerna University) now present a cohesive and inspiring new front — one that has resonated well with existing students, faculty and partners.

Today Sampoerna Schools System is Indonesia’s most comprehensive, integrated educational pathway from early childhood to university. It offers internationally-recognized curriculum and the opportunity to earn globally-recognized credentials and degrees that pave the way for a significantly larger number of Indonesian students to afford a high quality international education in the country and beyond.

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