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Whilst the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) has been active in the fight against drug abuse since the 1970’s, its role and relevance within the Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders Network, was in need of a review.

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CHALLENGE: Re-establishing Relevance

Singapore’s “zero tolerance” stance on drug abuse has meant that enforcement has, to some extent, taken precedence over preventative measures. SANA has been involved in the fight against drug abuse for almost 50 years, but has seen its role and relevance replicated by many government agencies and VWO’s.

SOLUTION: Engaging Those At Risk

The statistics have shown that the profile of new drug abusers has changed dramatically over the decades with a significant rise of first-time offenders being under the age of 30. Global trends towards recreational drugs have also resulted in more liberal attitudes amongst the youth. 

Activiste repositioned SANA so that it is better able to engage with new segments as well as volunteers and donors, with a positive message — encouraging those who are vulnerable to “Rise Above The Influence”, and to “Sing A New Anthem”!

IMPACT: Growing Traction

The new messaging, identity, communications system has raised the profile of SANA within the industry, but more importantly, has galvanised staff and volunteers to its cause.

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In 2019, SANA was featured at the 62nd session of the Commission of Narcotic Drugs at the Vienna Convention, to showcase how civil society groups work with public agencies to support the reintegration of ex-offenders. Increasingly, other countries understand that Singapore’s anti-drug laws and enforcement measures are complemented by an equally strong commitment to Preventive Drug Education, evidence-based rehabilitation and community-supported reintegration efforts.

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"At the end of the project, a positive, new force emerged — SANA looked and felt rejuvenated, refreshed and recharged. Our new logo and messaging resonated well with our stakeholders, partners, volunteers and the public. "

Abdul Karim
Executive Director, SANA

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“It was clear Activiste had understood the role that SANA plays in the community and designed Brand materials that more accurately reflect SANA’s aim of providing a caring environment to help people deal with challenges we face. A great experience where Activiste’s passion and desire to understand the client enabled Activiste to deliver a first class product.”

Bal Bagary
Board Member, SANA

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“We also see a lot of half-truths or falsehoods about drug use circulating online on social media.”

“The launch of SANA’s new brand identity is therefore quite timely.”

“We share SANA’s hope to inspire our young to ‘rise above the influence’, make the right choice and resolutely say no to drugs.”

Mr Abdul Karim
Executive Director of SANA

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SANA also unveiled its new logo yesterday. It features an elevated “A”, which represents an individual taking flight. 

Mr Abdul Karim said: “We believe that every one of us can stand tall, rise above peer pressure, instant thrills and self-doubt.”

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SANA Press


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