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Intimacy and Camaraderie of Chamber music


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Re:Sound Collective was looking to organise and launch the first bi-annual Singapore Chamber Music Festival which would include local and international performers. Beyond a narrative for the festival, a distinctive and elegant festival identity and thematic was needed.

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CHALLENGE: The Experience Chamber Music

Re:Sound Collective is organising the first bi-annual Singapore Chamber Music Festival in January 2024 – with the goal of gathering practitioners and music lovers  to share in the intimacy and camaraderie of chamber music.

Deciding right from the start, that this would not be a series of chamber music concerts with musicians and audiences on opposite sides of the stage, meant that the culture of chamber music had to be brought to the fore.

SOLUTION: Unpacking the Essence of the Festival of a Chamber Music

Chamber Music is really the musical expression of the art of collaboration. It involves working together equally, sharing opinions and striving to come together to make something beautiful. Each individual voice is important, and so is the collaboration of the voices together.

Activiste worked closely with the Chairman of Re:Sound Collective and his team to articulate the Brand Purpose and develop an overarching narrative, identity and visual language for what would be a bi-annual event in Singapore.

IMPACT: An invitation to Connect, Share and Celebrate in 2024

We envisaged that The Singapore Chamber Music Festival would become a movement to cultivate a culture of chamber music with Singapore as a hub for the region.

By positioning it as more than entertainment, but a way of life and inviting all to a part of our vibrant and growing community of musicians and music lovers to connect, share and celebrate – the excitement is building even as the festival approaches in the new year. 

For musicians this would be an inclusive meeting place where you can connect with renowned local and international chamber musicians and amateurs, share in the chamber music camaraderie and celebrate chamber music performed at its highest level.

For audiences, an opportunity to connect with other chamber music lovers and to experience the culture of chamber music performed at its highest level by passionate and renowned local and international chamber musicians.

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Inaugural Festival Academy

The Festival will include a Chamber Music Academy which provides educational elements for amateur groups – for the young and not so young. Such developmental opportunities and the gathering of musicians for a chamber music festival are key to nurturing a culture of lifelong music-making among friends.

Existing or newly-formed string and wind ensembles can apply to perform in coaching sessions led by the festival’s artist faculty.

In addition to receiving a coaching session as an ensemble, participants will also get all-access passes to watch other masterclasses and workshops during the festival.

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"Chamber music is an intimate, noble art form, where a small number of musicians play music, which in days past would have been enjoyed with friends in a home setting (the “chamber”). In Singapore such music would normally be heard in a concert hall or a recital studio, and it is fairly uncommon that friends get together to read music at home. Just as the inaugural festivals in 2003 and 2005 featured a mix of international artists and Singapore-based musicians, to perform in conjunction with Concordia Quartet, faculty of the YST Conservatory of Music, NAFA and SOTA, alumnus of earlier SCMF and other chamber musicians over a 10-day period (from 24 January – 3 February 2024). An important part of the festival will be a Chamber Music Academy (CMA), where amateur musicians of all ages and abilities will perform and receive coaching from the festival faculty."

Mervin Beng, Festival Director

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