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Singapore Green Building Council

A New Perspective on Sustainability

Since 2009, SGBC continues to advocate and raise awareness on green buildings and its impact in the sustainability and wellbeing of the community. 

SGBC Hero Banner2

CHALLENGE: Green Building for the Layman

SGBC needed to develop a campaign that would allow for the built environment to be portrayed in a different light, bringing a positive mindset change to how the public views green buildings and how it can help them lead more sustainable lifestyles.

SOLUTION: Building Green Into Your Home

Through a series of stakeholder interviews and a market survey, we worked with SGBC to develop a campaign titled “Green Means Go”. The campaign concept empowers homeowners and their everyday green decisions – showing how their actions not only make their homes sustainable but makes them feel more comfortable and productive. We also activated the integrated campaign to the public, using microsite experiences, influencers, and social media buys to drive awareness and celebrate their green actions. 

IMPACT: Creating Impact and Changing Mindset

Since its launch, the campaign has reached over 2.6 million people in Singapore, documenting over 200 green home actions in our campaign microsite and challenge. With more education and conversations taking place, Green Means Go is positioned to become a long-term resource for homeowners on what it means to build green into their home.

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