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Imagine Better


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As universities today strive to provide richer experiences for their students; break new ground in research and play a more impactful role in society, the ability to raise funds and unlock capital becomes critical.
SMU IB Hero Image

CHALLENGE: Seeking Resonnance

Singapore Management University (SMU) needed a distinctive and resonant capital campaign that would galvanise staff and faculty to its cause, but also engage with potential donors and partners in a meaningful and memorable way.

SOLUTION: A Giving Campaign

Through focus groups and co-creative sessions, Activiste translated strategic insight into a creative concept and the “IMAGINE BETTER” campaign, was developed as the thematic that would guide SMU’s capital campaign. Supporting this was a clear messaging strategy to help engage multiple segments of donors, and compelling opportunities were defined, encouraging donors to make a difference to the future through their giving to SMU.

IMPACT: Making A Difference

The invitation to donors and partners to work meaningfully with SMU in Empowering Students, Expanding Capacity, and Enhancing Impact, has drawn a good response.

Co-creating a compelling strategy that would inform the entire design and implementation of the Imagine Better Campaign.

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“Kim’s big picture view together with her attentive listening to the needs of various stakeholder groups has materialised in some high quality output that was endorsed at the highest levels of management at SMU as well as at the Board of Trustees level…She has also led her team well, shown by the many positive experiences and quality recommendations executed by her team members.”

Chan Wai Leng
Director, Office of Advancement, Singapore Management University

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Evaluating ideas with donors, alumni and key stakeholders.

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