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Institute of Motion

Redesigning and Rethinking the Well Workplace


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Activiste was commissioned by the US-based Institute of Motion, to conduct market research and develop a brand for their proprietary approach to corporate wellness for the workplace.

Wellcology Cover Photo 1

CHALLENGE: Peak Performance in the Workplace

The Institute of Motion spent nearly two decades learning how to shape and power up environments to enhance human health and performance in sport, and believed that this framework was equally valid in the corporate arena.

Because organisations are so multi-faceted, the workplace environment is a network of roles, practices, needs, and spaces — all of which have an impact on the personal well-being of its people. In this way, each organisation is a unique ecosystem.

But it needed to articulate its value proposition and framework convincingly to go-to-market with scale and impact. 

SOLUTION: Integrating Research with Strategic Branding

Activiste conducted research with global organisations as well as Asian institutions on how they viewed employee health and well-being in relation to corporate performance.

Through this, we evaluated various naming and positioning narratives and identified the Brand Opportunity for this new framework which enabled the Institute of Motion to make the shift from sports performance to corporate wellness.

Activiste went on to develop the value proposition,  developed a visual communications system and a sell deck for Wellcology.

IMPACT: A Positive Move Forward

The Institute of Motion’s membership & certified wellness faculty status in the WELCOA organisation is a key service supporting its evidence-based Wellcology™ process. It provides access to the entire WELCOA catalogue of peer reviewed assessments, programs, support documents, articles, and resources.

Wellcology is helping organisations excel as their employees thrive in Asia and across the US.


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What is Wellcology?

The name Wellcology is based on the idea of the “ecology of wellness” — a new way for organisations to shape and power up environments to enhance human health and performance. Redefining wellness in this way helps to reframe how organisations can bring holistic well-being to workplaces. 


Wellcology Philosophy 1
Wellcology diagram 1

Shaping the Workplace Wellness Ecosystem 
The three pillars of a workplace environment which impacts personal well-being of employees.

As the demands of industry on organisations and people are increasing rapidly — beyond the need to adapt and acquire new skills is the strength, resilience and support needed by each individual to unlock and achieve new potential.

Helping organisations shape their wellness agenda while minimising chronic office disruptors, help create purposeful and human-potential-led workplaces and office experiences.


Wellcology Phrase
Wellcology Approach 1

The goal is to help organisations shape their Wellness Ecosystem to create purposeful and human potential-led work environments and experiences. 

CEO, Institute of Motion, Wellcology

Wellcology is about the intentional design of the well workplace to innovate and create physical spaces and programs that support sustainable Health and Human Performance.

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Wellcology Digital


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