Since its acquisition by the Japanese KWE Group, APL Logistics has positioned itself as a Supply Chain Solutions Provider. However, it needed to better articulate and demonstrate how it would differentiate itself from new competitors. 

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Since APL Logistics started in 1982, it has grown organically through its APL parentage (within the NOL Group) to rival its best competitors.

However, with over 50 distinct services and solutions, and the control of its own identity as a vertically-focused company in the KWE group, APLL wanted to further strengthen its position in the marketplace.

The global leadership Planning and Budget meeting in September 2017 was an opportunity to kick start the thinking process as country and vertical heads from the US, Europe, India and Asia Pacific converged in Singapore.



Activiste worked closely with the APL Logistics Marketing and Strategy teams to address this.

Over a three-week period in the run-up to the global leadership meeting, Activiste engaged with sector and vertical heads from the different regions on trends within their markets, and discussed alternative approaches to the APLL brand framework and messaging. 

Alternative scenarios were then developed by Activiste and taken to the workshop where cross cultural groups explored the implications and possible outcomes of each scenario.


Outputs from the workshop were consolidated and refined into recommendations for the global strategy group, which are currently being considered for adaptation in both the structure of the organisation, as well as APLL's strategic outreach. 

A review of the different brand architecture strategies adopted by competitors were set up against how they were positioned in the market place to provide context for the workshop discussions.


Each brand architecture scenario was visualised to enable the client to better appreciate the implications and marketing opportunities.

Brand architecture scenarios and strategy were visualised to enable the client to better understand how these would be implemented in the market place.