What started out as a small scale local cooking school for Kwan Lui, evolved into an increasingly international, professional culinary academy, with links to some of the most reputable culinary institutes and restaurateurs all over the world. It was time to update the value proposition and positioning to make its presence felt even more strongly.



Ever since its establishment in 2001, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy has been purposefully poised for growth, and after 12 years it needed to review its brand architecture and business strategy. Key amongst these was to establish all the various pathways offered through its professional culinary programmes as well as consider how it could strengthen its leisure programmes.



Activiste journeyed with the client in 2015-2016, painstakingly examining each aspect of its business, and collaboratively developed a robust brand architecture which would enable the brand to have two separate but complementary businesses in the professional and leisure sectors.

Additionally, its iconic SpiceOdyssey™ experience which has traditionally been a capstone project for our various cohorts of aspiring global chefs and F&B professionals before graduating from the Academy; was extended to target consumer through it Ten Kingdoms with intriguing names like Aromatics, Intoxicants, Sex & Sensuality. 

I believe it was really a very meaningful session for all... On behalf of At-Sunrice, let me thank you for a first-class job. After 20 years, you continue to be as refreshing and fun to work with..

Dr. Kwan Lui
At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy