Founded in 1985 and owned by Singapore’s three largest banks – DBS Bank, OCBC Bank and United Overseas Bank, NETS allows for cashless payment transactions. As the organisation continues to innovate and identify new markets of relevance, it was time to review how best to strategically position the brand as the leader in cashless payments large and small.



With multiple products ranging from NETS CashCard and NETS FlashPay to online platforms such as eNETS, the NETS organisation was looking to: 1. Identifying a consumer-facing positioning opportunity 2. Clarify the relationship between the parent brand and its multiple product brands The ubiquity of NETS is its strength; however, previous approaches to communication, were too product-focused and did not succinctly communicate the unique and widespread offering of NETS as a whole.


Activiste helped create a positioning strategy that would leverage NETS’s existing and extensive reach but also help articulate the role of the NETS corporate brand in developing and offering its range of payment services. This was expressed through a concise tagline and supporting visual system review. In developing the tagline, “A Better Way to Pay” for NETS, Activiste helped define a positioning strategy that leverages the organisation’s existing and extensive reach. Additionally, the developed tagline is a simple and focused statement that reinforces the idea that all of NETS products and continued innovation efforts are aligned through a shared purpose – driving equity and awareness back to the corporate brand.

"The challenge then was to make NETS relevant once more. To that end, Kim and her team had one piece of advice - be true to yourself. What is it that NETS is undisputedly good at and what makes us stand out from the competition?"

Activiste identified our strengths - security, reliability, ubiquity, simplicity - and encouraged us not just to embrace these as our brand values, but also to shout it at every opportunity. 

Thanks to Activiste, we know what we stand for - a better way to pay."

Lim Yin-Fern
Vice President, Corporate Communications

"The team also refined our consumer communications to ensure that the corporate brand and messaging wouldn't get lost in all the marketing spiel.

The result?

A corporate brand that encompasses who the company is, what it does, and more importantly, what we mean to consumers and merchants."


Lim Yin-Fern
Vice President, Corporate Communications