Singapore Anti Narcotics Association


In recent years, SANA embarked on several digital initiatives, including creating a wide range of new content and service updates for the different segments that they support. These new digital initiatives, however, were siloed and created a disjointed user experience that was confusing for both individuals and potential partners.

To ensure their clients and growing base of partners could understand how SANA provides support, SANA had to relook at its digital touchpoints to consolidate and streamline all their content to a single website that was easy to navigate and use.


Activiste engaged the senior leadership and various department heads to align on the key intent for the new integrated website, and the value that needed to be conveyed to the different key segments. Applying a user-centric approach, we worked with SANA to revamp their website architecture - simplifying user navigation and calling out key support services and resources.


Site Architecture2

Content layout and flow played a key role in establishing the website journey. Through iterative discussions with the department heads, we established a more structured way of presenting information for SANA and successfully worked to collapse the disparate sites into a cohesive and content-rich website.

Finally, we worked with the SANA team to refresh and update the overall look of the website. Website data analytic tools were integrated into the new website to help SANA track meaningful data that could inform new content, and provide insights on key conversions, such as donations and volunteer applications.


The refreshed website has helped to make the range of service offerings by SANA clearer and easier to understand for key segments. The content-rich website is able to serve as a one-stop resource on drugs and relevant support in Singapore, with clear call-to-action for important new aspects like SANA’s public engagements, as well as volunteering and donor opportunities.

The website provides one of the many touchpoints that SANA is leveraging as it continues to work with communities to create a positive environment of support and drive home the message that is possible to rise above the influence.

Making resources and information on support services more accessible for the community.

An updated landing page experience with clear navigation.