As the most established township management company in Singapore, EM Services has been embedded in the communities it serves – so much so that it is often mistaken to be part of the town councils it serves rather than a comprehensive estate management and engineering company in its own right.

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Despite managing over 600,000 HDB residential units, 9,000 retail and shop units, 6,500 market and food centre stalls, and 400,000 vehicle parking lots in Singapore, awareness of the compnay was low, and this needed to be addressed as the group seeks to expand into the private sector and overseas.

Additionally, while the EM Services’ group of companies possessed a wide range of professional skill sets outside of Township Management, the full scope of its services and businesses including student accommodation solutions, were virtually unknown. 



A new positioning strategy and brand architecture were needed to reflect its business intent, unique strengths and scope. 

Together with a new group identity, Activiste also developed three new subsidiary brands to reflect this: EM Engineering, EM Real Estate, and EM Learning. The latter is a training academy that adopts the latest learning techniques and technologies to raise the competencies and service quality of people in estate management.

“Getting It Right, Together” became the new ethos of EM Services. Beyond facilities and estate management, “Getting It Right, Together” is about sustaining complex living communities with heart and soul, and building a sense of belonging and co-ownership for our vibrant living spaces.

EM Services’ new corporate positioning is reflected in its refreshed identity, distinct visual communications system and re-developed brand architecture, allowing the organisation to build credible reputation in a coherent manner while embarking on its expansion strategy.


 EM Launch 2

Galen Mendez (standing far left), Activiste’s Strategy Director at the EM Services seminar on township management and unveiling of its new identity in April 2018.


“EM Services works on the basis of a partnership between our residents, tenants and partners that fosters a shared sense of ownership and belonging for our communities. We see ourselves as a part of our neighborhoods and communities, and everything that we do is focused around making our environments a better place for people to live, work, learn and play... In working together, we can gain a unique and deeper understanding of real issues so that we can, in turn, provide services and solutions that make a felt difference.”

Tony Khoo
Group CEO, EM Services 

“Kim (Activiste) demonstrated professionalism and great passion in the review and repositioning of EM’s brand throughout the entire project.... providing valuable insights and...sound recommendations that are aligned with EM’s objectives and desired outcomes in this rebranding project.”

Tony Khoo, Group CEO, EM Services