Institutional brands, like commercial brands, have to compete for talent and share of mind in an increasingly dynamic market place. Whilst it may have established a reputation as an industrial developer in Singapore, this was no longer true of its role as a key driver of the national economy.


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JTC wanted to position itself more strongly in the marketplace both as an employer, as well as a partner for large scale, innovative developments in Singapore and overseas. It needed to attract top talent, and more importantly demonstrate the breadth and depth of its involvement in creating industry spaces of the future.

The JTC corporate identity created in 2013 was also not consistently or coherently rolled out, resulting in  fragmentation and a diluted presence in the market. In some instances, JTC’s role in key integrated developments was misunderstood by the business community, and it remained largely invisible to the general public.


A comprehensive brand audit and stakeholder survey was undertaken to identify the Brand Opportunity for this Singapore institution, which lead to a larger and more comprehensive programme of brand revitalisation.

The strategic tasks after the Brand Opportunity was identified encompassed:

  1. Brand architecture development to reflect the diversity of its portfolio.
  2. Development of a distinctive visual communications system for the organisation that underpins its positioning.
  3. Projecting itself differently in all events and collaborations
  4. Measuring and tracking key performance indicators of corporate reputation.


2017 tracking studies with business partners and customers of JTC revealed that they were perceived as far more than an industrial developer but a significant driver of the Singapore economy, creating new spaces which would form the bedrock of emerging new industries.

“The JTC brand programme was a complex project that spanned primary research, brand architecture, positioning, and an overhaul of the current JTC visual identity system to reflect its desired positioning. Activiste worked closely with us, identifying issues and strategic considerations to develop creative and implementable solutions for the future positioning of JTC. They also worked with us in branding Jurong Innovation District which is a major long-term project for JTC. More than just a consultant, Activiste was a partner in the repositioning of JTC and in establishing clear frameworks for the activation of our new direction.”

Seng Woei Yuan, Deputy Director, Communication Division, Marketing Communications, JTC