Bank Danamon

Bank Danamon is the 5th largest bank in Indonesia. They had recently undergone a change of logo but despite this, audiences perceived Bank Danamon as a faceless brand.



Across the board, the people of Bank Danamon share a vision and mission of enabling and enriching the lives of their fellow Indonesians. However, there was an inability to channel that desire into a focused and unifying proposition that would have helped to differentiate their brand from the market leaders. This fragmentation became apparent in the brand’s communication strategies. As a result, consumers did not have a clear idea of what the Damanon brand was about neither did they know of the wide array of services it offered. Opportunities to create synergies between the business lines and segments were not being capitalised.


Activiste worked closely with the Danamon Brand Task Force to and conducted a Brand Opportunity Workshop with management across all LOBs on a group-wide SWOT analysis session and identify the overall Danamon Group brand opportunity - which all the LOBs could identify with. The repositioned brand was later launched internally to 250 senior managers across 7 regions. In creating a coherent look and feel for the the Danamon brand, a consistent visual language was developed. This was reflected in the new corporate materials and service leaflets along with templates that differentiates corporate and product advertisement. The brand intent and visual system is a documented in a manual, which continues to evolve as the new brand develops. The new Danamon brand made its debut to the public through s television advertisement “Danamon Bank Human Support”, supported by print and billboard campaign.


A lot of pride for the Danamon brand has been generated within the group. Regional staff is now asking for materials and generating input for more targeted messaging. Staff training programmes are now being designed around the Brand Intent. Danamon University launched to formalise staff training – this is a specially designated facility outside Jakarta.

"Activiste has been a truly engaged partner. They have a very engaging process of developing the Brand strategy …They then brought the Brand strategy to life, actively participating in the Brand Activation process - developing and helping in execution of the communication plan. What stands out is Activiste's sense of ownership, passion and attention to detail and most of all their seamless integration with the organisation. It's been a true partnership!"

Subba Vaidyanathan
Vice President & Brand Task Force Leader Danamon