Metropolitan YMCA

The community and youth volunteer landscape in Singapore has become increasingly more vibrant and active. The Metropolitan YMCA (MYMCA) was looking at re-establishing its relevance as a leader in community transformation by nurturing young leaders. 



While the YMCA has always been about developing youth, the activities and volunteers within the MYMCA straddle wide ranging demographic segments. Over the years, the organisation had created a large number of distinct but fragmented sub-brands in a bid to address each of these different groups and activities. This was further complicated by its social enterprise accommodation facilities.

What the MYMCA needed was a clear, contemporary and relevant way of expressing its new vision; and a complete rethink of its current brand architecture.


Through a series of co-creative discussions with the board and key stakeholders, Activiste helped to reshape the organisation's position and purpose. Concurrently, we helped the client think through their brand architecture — leveraging and unifying their previous slew of sub-brands to better reflect an organisation with a singular purpose, focused on the youth of our community.

The strategy was expressed in a complete revamp of the MYMCA identity and visual communications system that better reflects a youth-driven, community development cause. This, together with a new messaging framework, was applied across a wide range of applications ranging from a new website, donation-related material, as well as the upcoming renovations of its facility at Stevens Road.


Today, the MYMCA brand represents an inspiring and unified organisation, one that appropriately reflects both its target audience, and its vision of leading transformative change in the community. The new brand was launched to great success at MYMCA's 70th Anniversary dinner in November 2016.


MYMCA Website

MYMCA has served the Singapore community for 70 years, and the board felt we needed to renew the brand to appeal to youth….In a brand project it is absolutely critical to have a competent team facilitate the discussion and thinking to achieve a clear brand framework and messaging. The brand project has brought coherence to our myriad services and activities; this includes amplifying the mission within our social enterprises in supporting cause-related programmes. Throughout our project together Activiste was most professional and delivered what was promised, with warmth, passion, skill, creativity and commitment. 

Phyllis Tan
Executive Director & CEO, MYMCA