We were approached in early 2015 to help develop a brand that would address internet savvy, affluent customers in Indonesia with a digital banking proposition.




Digital banking usage had increased significantly over the last 3 years in Indonesia with higher mobile phone penetration amongst the more affluent and younger consumers. Whilst branches were still important to Indonesians, Bank BTPN noticed migration had begun out of the branch networks, onto digital channels.

With BTPN wow! serving the lower mass market, and micro business owners, there was an opportunity to target the emerging urban, mass affluent segments with a smart banking product.


A Brand Opportunity Workshop which gathered key stakeholders, business and digital consultants helped identify the opportunity for a new brand. Activiste developed two possible brand hypothesis, the desired positioning and explored the implications of the strategy with the client and its consultant.

This was then followed by determining a name that reflected the core value proposition: a mobile lifestyle concierge that helps with managing personal finances, not just banking transactions.

To this end, Activiste proposed an endorsed Bank BTPN brand architecture which give the brand credibility at launch, but at the same time signal a completely different mobile financial product.

This was supported by an eye-catching and impactful visual system expressing that idea, with a roll-out plan designed to herald a new era in smart banking.


“The latest product from Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional (BTPN) may redefine digital banking, as it saves customers from the hurdles of going to the bank and waiting in line to meet customer service officers.”– The Jakarta Post, 30 August 2016

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Jenius application's images are taken from Apple App Store
Images used to demonstrate the visual system originally created are not for commercial use and have not been used in the marketplace.

“Our research shows that digitally savvy people want a banking experience that is simple, smart and safe, whereby everything can be done via a smartphone. As a bank which has a vision of making a difference in the lives of millions of people throughout Indonesia, BTPN has answered these demands through Jenius,”

- President Director of BTPN, Jerry Ng