A French consortium with some of the most well known household appliance brands, is embarking on an ambitious 3 year strategic plan to develop new and innovative hair appliances for Korea. This plan consists of clarifying the offer and identifying innovations to meet local consumer needs, while investing in communication and customer management. 



To fast-track a collaborative innovation session between the French product innovation team and the Korean management team.
Product innovation concepts developed during the two days were based off extensive research in the Korean market; would have to be evaluated internally, with selected concepts developed for market testing in 2 months.


Activiste worked closely with the Groupe SEB French team in distilling the research insights into stimulus for the product innovation workshop. Accelerated group learning to get all workshop participants up to speed and focused on the Korean market opportunity in a compressed time period, enabled interesting concepts to be developed at the workshop. 


Strong internal cross-cultural bonds were also developed during the workshop, fuelling ideas for future collaboration between France and Korea.

"Hi, Kim. It was my pleasure to know you and have a great time with awesome session! It was really inspiring and ... thinking out of the product function and focusing “consumer benefit” is still really important ..." 

Koo Min-Jy, Groupe SEB, Korea


"Thank You Kim for this good workshop report. We have spent a good time together , understood better Korean consumers drivers , generate good ideas ( to be tested) and it should be the starting point for an innovative plan , that could also be relevant in other countries."

Eric Saulnier, Groupe SEB, France