Hotel Fort Canning

In 2010, the owners of a private members club, Legends at Fort Canning, wanted to redevelop the heritage site to accommodate a boutique hotel in addition to the club. A suitable market and brand strategy, as well as name and identity were needed.



The hospitality market in Singapore is fragmented and highly competitive. Hotel room rates here were notoriously low compared to the region, and the boutique hotels were competing head on with larger international chains for the discerning new business traveler. The new boutique hotel needed to establish a distinctive proposition that would attract the identified target segments, and distinguish it from the myriad small hotels opening across Singapore.


Activiste conducted a Brand Opportunity workshop which brought the client team together with the architects, lifestyle and fashion designers, as well as a regional travel journalist, to collaboratively map out a strategy for the hotel.

The workshop facilitated the identification of key target segments and what they were looking for, as well as the brand opportunity for this new hotel. The value proposition which seemed to resonate with business travelers in Asia, was the attraction of a centrally located urban sanctuary – a place that was in the heart of a bustling city like Singapore, and yet a haven of respite after a hard day’s work.

As the client started to envision that this could be the start of a new chain of boutique hotels, a brand name that could extend outside of Fort Canning Park in Singapore, and yet reflect the unique location of its inaugural location, was needed.

A simplified acronym, “Hfc” with an elegant logotype and visual system, was an ideal way of creating an image for the brand that represented the strong lines if its colonial architecture, whilst complimenting and co


The hotel on a hill has drawn rave reviews on TripAdvisor for being the only hotel in Singapore to be nestled amidst 18 hectares of historic national parkland in the heart of the city,