Chris Lightfoot

Strategic Partner
Chris is a founding partner of the BrandClan and the UK collaborator of Activiste.

Chris is a strategic and creative director with 30 years experience of working for global businesses such as FIFA, IAAF, Aegon, OneWorld, Volvo, Adidas, Mobil, Bic and many others.

He established Whitestone International in 2000, after 10 years as a director at Interbrand, to focus on building ‘brands’ as holistic commercial assets designed to meet both hard and soft business targets. His approach focuses on the greater impact and ROI delivered by brand strategy and brand expression being integrated activities (aligned with the business plan and internal cultures) and how they are translated into B2B and B2C business channels and drivers.

Key to the processes he uses is achieving unity in multi-national and multi-stakeholder environments enabling platforms to be developed that challenge and change the norm in both international and national business frameworks.