Kwan Chong Wah

Director, Activiste & Co-Founder, Acorn

Chong Wah is one of the directors of Activiste and one of the co-founders of the Acorn Group. He was a director with an international research company before setting up Acorn in 1985. Chong Wah is a very experienced and well sought after market researcher who is masterful in both qualitative and quantitative research. Being effectively trilingual, he conducts focus groups in English, Mandarin as well as Cantonese.

Since 1979, he has been handling research projects on various product categories such as tobacco, liquor, beer, banking and personal care. He has developed a strong working relationship with several clients which span more than a decade. Some of them are Asia Pacific Breweries, Guinness Anchor Berhad, British American Tobacco, Standard Chartered Bank, F&N. His research experience in the region is extensive. He has conducted research in all the South-East Asian countries and in the last 12 years had spent a lot of time in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan understanding the markets.

Chong Wah spent many years serving as a volunteer in the Community Chest and both his and the company’s contribution have been officially recognised. He has also made time to teach at SIM and MIS for many years. He has a degree on Economics from the University of Singapore.